Eat your veggies – and be full!

My patients are always asking for suggestions on ways to increase plant based food but still experience satiety with meals. Most think that increasing vegetables means that we have to eat only salads! This is simply not true! In an effort to whip together a breakfast last week for my starving belly I made 2 scrambled eggs and paired it with salad greens (light vinaigrette dressing) and a simple potato apple hash.

For the hash – simply chop up 1 serving of sweet potatoes (about 1/4 cup) and add some chopped apples. (can also add onion, shallot, nuts, dried cranberries….whatever you desire). Sauté with coconut oil for about 7-10 min until the sweet potatoes are soft. (hint- the smaller the dice the faster this process, so if in a hurry – cut them very small).

For the salad greens – a simple mix from the grocery store will work! Some possible dressings are any type of vinaigrette or lemon juice and oil)

For the eggs: whip em and fry them!

The entire meal takes 10 minutes. You are right, its not as quick as cereal, but its not a time intensive meal either – you have 10 minutes!



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