Healthy dinner in a flash!

Time is a problem in our society. It seems no one has “time” to prepare and eat healthy meals. While I take pride in dinner planning, there are some days where I simply forget. May times I am in the car when I remember we have nothing on the menu. Oops.

While most may run out to grab fast food, consider a quick stop at the grocery store! This meal was made from a pre-package of veggies and microwaveable brown rice. No, its not ideal, but its better than a fast food restaurant. Hope this helps give ideas of what can be done when short on time! Have you ever calculated how long it takes to wait in line, order and pay at Chipotle? This is faster, trust me :)

Tricia’s Quick Stir Fry!

Ingredients: Pre packaged veggies, frozen brown rice, tahini (a staple that can stay in pantry for moments like this!), Tamari or soy sauce, water.

Sautee veggies until soft. You can use oil (I like coconut) or water to sauté. Prepare brown rice according to directions. Top with a tahini dressing (below). While the rice is microwaving (3 min) and veggies are sautéing (5 min) – make the dressing.

For this dressing, I used 1/2 cup tahini, 2 Tbsp tamari and 1-2 Tbsp of water to desired thickness. (simply place in bowl and whip with fork). YUM! And entire meals is done in less than 5 minutes.



2 responses to “Healthy dinner in a flash!

  1. This sounds yummy, I just read you book and I’m in stage 3 :(. My biggest concern is giving up dairy; I enjoy cheese.

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