The way life can take us over…..

Hello Blog Followers,

I have been thinking of you lately. Considering the date of my last post, I can imagine most of you think that you have been forgotten. This is simply not true. When I began this blog, I wanted a space where I could help educate you on health, diet, lifestyle and general wellness. With that said, very rarely do I simply post my thoughts, and the struggles and accomplishes that I endure as a business own, a doctor, a mother and a wife.

I spend a lot of time discussing in my office visits the value of “unplugging” from society. We live in a society that is full of constant stimulation, from a text message, email, phone call, etc. How often do we see a movie that isn’t overloaded with 3D and explosions, loud startling effects etc. ? We have surrounded ourselves with so much stimulation, and yet we wonder why we all claim “ADD” type symptoms. Honestly, how many of you are prescribed, or know someone who is prescribed, adderall? Do we really have a neurotransmitter imbalance or are we simply over stimulated? How can we take time to make nutritious meals, and teach our kids how to eat nutritiously, when we are running around between work and school, checking text messages in the car, and returning emails within 5 minutes of downloading? What type of example are we setting for our children?

My husband and I had taken our kids out to eat recently, and when we got to the table, we pulled out crayons and paper and told our kids to draw. A lady came over to our table and commented on how nice it was to see kids not being given iPads, or some sort of electronic to keep themselves busy. I found that comment, although flattering, quite sad. Why does society choose to ignore their kids by shoving their face into electronics? Or perhaps the parents are also on their phones during dinner. We commonly see a family of 4 all using electronics at the dinner table. Is this right? Do we now communicate only by text message?

So whats the excuse? Tired? Too busy? Too many demands? Not enough time? Not convenient? Trust me, I have tried all those excuses. They are a cop out. Consider how less tired you would be if you weren’t so overstimulated? Consider how many fabulous belly laughs you could enjoy with your children if you took the time to ask them about their days and enjoy their youthful comedy. I was in the car yesterday when my kids broke out in laughter about a word they had heard : schnauzer. (yes, the dog). They thought that word was hilarious and I was able to laugh along with them. When is the last time you laughed a good belly laugh? Do you allow yourself enough time?

I don’t doubt you are fatigued. I am a specialist in adrenal fatigue after all. You’ve burned yourself out running to and from everywhere, multitasking. I have patients who have said that they can’t go to the gym or cook meals because their jobs are too demanding. I often challenge them to make an appointment with themselves. Make an appoint, say for 6pm, to go to the gym. And book around it. Maybe you even have to book out cooking time, or grocery time, but do it……you are of no value to your job if you are sick.

No supplements or medications can cure you of your lack of time. Only you can do that. You are in control of yourself. Don’t let others take that away from you. You are worth a good belly laugh, a nice conversation over a healthy dinner and restful sleep.

  1. unplug your electronics after a set time every night. Your phone should NOT be in your bedroom. (my favorite excuse is as an alarm clock…like you can’t find an alarm clock at Amazon for $5).
  2. make mealtime family time. Listen to your spouse, your kids. Enjoy the conversation. Ask questions. Encourage social time, without electronics.
  3. refrain from electronics in the car. Seriously, the fact that I have to write this is saddening. Focus on driving. Listen to some music that makes you happy. If you must check your phone, pull over and give it due attention. I am sure you will be somewhere soon, where you can attend to your business.
  4. plan your dinners every week. If you have a “menu” of what you are having each night, you can better prepare for your meals. Get all the shopping done on Sunday, or perhaps, stop on your way home with a focused grocery list
  5. learn the restaurants around you that have healthy options, so when you are in a rush, you know where to go.
  6. when you can’t focus on something…..take a break. Go outside. Ask yourself if you have too much going on. Take a deep breath and return to complete one activity at a time. Be honest with yourself.
  7. set certain times for checking emails, phone calls, meetings, and stick to it. Might not be a bad idea to add exercise and cooking into that schedule. (hint hint)
  8. most importantly….belly laugh.

I care for all of you and will try to post more in upcoming weeks. (during my electronic time!)


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