PREVENT Winter Illness!

FLU prevention

There has been a wide discussion lately over the flu shot and its efficacy, side effects, long term impacts and if it indeed does, in fact, prevent the flu. Although there are no clear answers, one thing is true: your immune system plays a role in your ability to catch, manifest and fight the flu.

So what can you do to boost your immunity in case that nasty flu does land in your nostrils? Vitamin IV therapy provides the body with high dose, readily absorbed natural antioxidants, namely Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc. It also provides the body with hydration, which is important in detoxification and “flushing out” nasty bugs.

By boosting your immune function with IV therapy, also knowns as Myers Cocktail, you can provide your immune system with the nutrients it needs to fight off the invader. In addition, these formulations combat impacts of stress, poor diet/malabsorption, lack of sleep and lack of energy.

What are you waiting for!? Check out for rates, packages and memberships.


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