Are you following your stream?

I heard a speaker recently, that reminded me of a few things I thought I would share. They were speaking on goals, and living a happy life. We get so bogged down. For myself, I run three companies, I am a mother of two, with a husband (who also is a small business owner), elderly family members to care for, friends to maintain, health goals to hit, life to live. It’s not always easy to get up in the morning and tackle each day with the same enthusiasm I once had. Maybe its age, maybe its stress, I don’t know….. but I find myself needing to re focus on whats important and to remind myself of why I do what I do.

As I chat with patients, I find that many of you are struggling with the same things I am. Its funny, I recall a memory from medical school – It was a practical test and I was to interview a  patient and get their history. The goal of this assignment was to pinpoint her diagnosis and list the appropriate differential testing. As I began to listen to the patient, I felt an immediate connection and spoke with her on a respectful and personal level. I laughed, I shared little details about me and she freely shared her history. A week or so later, we got a report from the proctor who witnessed the intake. And although my grade was excellent due to clinical skill, they had written a comment on the margins. The comment was that I was too personal. When I spoke to the proctor about it, she said that I should never share anything about myself and that I have to use technical language when speaking with a patient because I could offend someone if I use language that could be deemed as motherly or caring. Really? I remember thinking that, if that is whats expected of me as a physician, to be cold and quick and only focus on the facts, then I am not cut out for this! Isn’t that what we all find wrong with the medical profession now? Do you feel cared for? Listened to? Do you connect with your doctor? Personally, I feel you HAVE to connect with you doctor. This is teamwork! If you don’t recognize that the physician is also human, and that they feel and care, just as you do, then why not just see WebMD or a robot when you are sick? (Have you seen Big Hero 5 yet? Trust me, robot doctors are coming!).

When I opened my first practice, I made a vow to be different. To open up, to be myself, and to let my patients in. I have no doubt that I do that while in an office visit, but have I fully opened up here on my blog? Have I shared my struggles as a human? I think I wrestle with this as I don’t want to “offend” or open myself up to ridicule. But the bottom line is, I have a passion for relationships and without that passion and a place to release it, I am failing myself.

The speaker was discussing the pathway to your goals as a stream. It flows to your deemed destination. Many people may jump in and try to swim, but they are carried by different currants. You can adapt to keep them in your stream by handing them a branch to tightly hang onto, or you can let them float away to reach the destination they are deemed to be carried towards.

From the beginning of my medical career, I focused on words such as; inspiration, hope, relationship, healing, self-worth, strength, love, will, ability.  People often ask why I chose my profession and you may think it was the medicine, but it wasn’t. Any robot can learn medicine. It was to be a part of someones journey, to inspire them to find their potential and cure their ailment. I am your coach, your friend, your confidant. You will always know that I am on your side, despite the obstacles you face. Watching someone during the process of healing inspires ME to want to continue my work. My Passion is helping you find your stream, your path. You keep me flowing. If I am spending my day simply looking at medicine, extending branches to everyone in attempt to force people down my stream, and not experiencing the relationship then my passion is squashed. I will no longer want to go to work everyday. Natural medicine is not quick. I cannot “cure you”, I can only guide you to health. YOU are the one that cures you, I simply hold your hand and point you in the right direction.  I am an educational source, a teacher, a leader. I help you find your stream, even if it flows in another direction.

So, with the possibility of offending some that may be swimming across currants, struggling to hold onto a branch, unsure of their direction, I have chosen to focus on my passion and start blogging my struggles as well. I will let you in. And those of you that are flowing with me will hopefully gain insight from my vulnerability. And those that find another stream will also fuel my passion, as perhaps I was the one who pointed you in the right direction.


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