Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is always a rough one for me. It was my dads favorite holiday. He loved to host, and would spend all day cooking (and I remember him fondly complaining how I wouldn’t eat the turkey he slaved over, and mumbled that he should make one of tofu). He would pair the wine, welcome anyone who had no place to be and always, never fail, surrounded the party with music. Music was his passion. Since I can remember, he always sang to me. His guitar meant the world to him. So many memories over that guitar. I used to play the piano and keyboard along side him and never hesitated to sing. (although trust me, I was not blessed with a good singing voice!). Everybody loved “Scotty” and loved his parties. And what a party he threw! The food was perfection! When I think of how I felt with him on Thanksgiving, the only word that comes to mind is Warm. Crackling fires, hot kitchen, and huge smiles from everyone who attended.


Thanksgiving, 1997

I miss him. I am sad that my children could not experience his gatherings. I miss the big thanksgivings, but mostly, I miss the music. Next year, I hope to of found the time to learn how to play his guitar, which calls to me every time I walk past it.

For those who have their family around them, cherish it. All the fights, all the drama, all the hassle that comes with gathering a large group of people is all worth just that one memory….Holidays are about acknowledging friends and family, and creating lasting memories for future generations. The Pingels wish you all a very Happy and joyous Thanksgiving, surrounded by love and maybe a little music!





2 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Love to you and your family! <3 I know your dad is still with you and his music will live forever in your heart. Happy Thanksgiving. I am especially thankful that you are in my corner and have given me back my health. Thank You Dr. Pingel!!

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