Selenium, a powerful thing

In working on my second book, due out next year, on “the gut” and how we have created malabsorption with out current lifestyles, depleting our nutrition.  I have spent the morning reviewing and writing about one of my favorite minerals, selenium. I thought I would share some astonishing statistics in regards to cardiovascular disease and the incredible benefit of this mineral. Happy Friday! (this is a small excerpt from a first draft of the book, and must be taken as a part of a whole)

“Selenium: I cannot stress enough the importance of selenium in your general health. Without proper amounts, your body is subject to numerous disease processes, not to mention annoying symptoms such as hair loss, fatigue, regular colds and flus, and ugly nails. Selenium is a trace mineral that is found in high quality soil, which unfortunately, with repeated over farming of the soil, has depleted over time. Remember those free radicals? Selenium is involved in the creation of antioxidants to squash them and keep your immune system sharp! By participating in these processes, it is also protects against inflammation and is essential in maintenance and use of thyroid hormones for your metabolism. So what does this mean for you? Protection against cancer, viral illness, inflammatory disease such as heart disease, diabetes and autoimmunity. In general, severe selenium deficiency is rare in those with properly functioning bodies, however, in those with malabsorption it is incredibly common.

Immunity: Stress causes damage to our immune system, primarily by increasing the number of free radicals causing damage to our tissues. Without selenium, we are far less efficient at capturing and reducing free radicals. Keep in mind, that free radicals are the common cause of many cancers. Although there is no set “cure” for cancer, there are preventible measures that can be taken, and selenium is one of them! Think of selenium as your army against cancer! It works along with other nutrients to increase glutathione and prevent DNA damage. This means it can actually not only prevent cancer development but slow its growth if already present! Obviously, if it can have such an impact on cancer, it will also help with general immunity, like that pesky cold and flu. Are you one of those that is chronically ill? Always fighting a sinus infection, or a mild cold? Might not be a bad idea to consider taking 200mcg of selenomethionine daily!

Cardiovascular disease: Selenium can also help to reduce cardiovascular disease. Many of you may know that I lost my father to cardiovascular disease at his young age of 59. He was on every medication available to “prevent cardiac event” and managed to have not only a heart attack while on these medications but also pass away of a massive stroke at this young age, about 2 months after his angiogram and EKG were “normal” and he was released to go play for another year by his cardiologist. Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United states, and kills one person every minute. The cost of prescriptions alone for cardiovascular medications (not including procedures or treatment) surpasses 100 billion per year, costing the patient an average of $62 per pill bottle. For comparison, a bottle of high quality Selenium runs about $6 for 90 days worth. And if it prevents the disease development in the first place, imagine how much we would save in health care costs? With stats such as $444 billion per year being spent on treatment, medications and disability for cardiovascular disease, we need to start paying attention to reasonable preventable options. Forget an insurance plan, pick up some minerals! A good trace mineral supplement, which covers all of the minerals in balanced form, may run you about $15 for 2 months worth. Thats $90 a year. Or, you can pick up a generic statin with significant side effects for one month. Take your pick!”

*The picture above are Brazil Nuts, which contain about 544mcg per 6-7 nuts. for comparison, a capsule of selenium is typically about 200mcg.

Need a good Supplement?

  • Selenium is intended in small amounts, so don’t over do it! 200-400mcg is enough!

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