Is Your Memory Failing You?

Forgot your PIN number? Don’t remember the drive home? Found an item you didn’t recall buying? Yet, despite all of these strange lapses in memory, you still manage to get through your work day, pay all your bills and get your housework done. Is this Dementia? Should you get some bloodwork done? How can we prevent this from happening?

The most common cause of these memory lapses are due to stress. The situations mentioned above are not likely dementia or any type of neurodegenerative process like that. They are simply you being way to busy and becoming distracted.

Think of it this way:

If you are in the woods running from a bear, you do not recall what you run past or when you ran past it. You don’t remember the color of the flowers or if you saw lake. You just focus on your destination and you get there. And then you wonder how you got there.

Some of the little things in life, like finding something you don’t remember buying or recalling something you may have said or small lapses of memory – like when you’re driving home and you don’t recall what path you took – are all a result of the stress response and focusing on the bear rather than environment and the moment. The best way to overcome this is to stop and smell the roses moving forward. And not let the bear distract you from enjoying every single moment of your day.

One technique is to set reminders (yes, perhaps on that stressful smart phone!) to signal you to breathe and take a moment to look around for 2 minutes. Uses your senses. Smell, touch, focus in on small details, listen to your surroundings. Where is the lake? How far have you traveled today? What color are the flowers and what do they smell like? How do you feel in this moment? By checking in with yourself and your accomplishments of the day, you will find that you forget less and start to enjoy more.

For more on what adrenal fatigue can do to our health, check out

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Now go smell the roses! Just don’t pet the bear!


Featured image credit: Photo by Jessica Weiller on Unsplash

Body image credit: Photo by Tricia Pingel in Flagstaff Arizona, 2017.



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