Back to School! Back to Germs!

If you also reside in Arizona, you have likely shuffled your children off back to school this week. So long kiddos! Problem is, they will start bringing home all sorts of unwanted school side effects – germs. Hand and Foot, Strep, Flu, Common colds, you name it… how can you arm your kids with a strong defense? Probiotics are an easy solution to building the immune system. Think of these healthy bugs as an army, ready to battle and fight off invaders. They are the first responders when you child (and you!) are exposed to an illness and if they are in large numbers and ready to battle, the illness will be short lived, if it even occurs at all. Another awesome fact: they benefit against environmental allergies as well! (Take THAT, Mr. Mesquite Tree!)
The number of probiotics needed varies with each individual, depending on lifestyle and dietary factors. My patients usually take anywhere from 10 to 100 billion organisms, depending on the situation. As a preventative measure in healthy children, I usually recommend 10-20 billion of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species, in conjunction with vitamin C, Vitamin D and a little elderberry fruit. There are numerous products available, but most kids aren’t thrilled about taking capsules, so here is a nice alternative for school aged children:
For the younger ones, its nice to have a powder that can be adjusted and easily added to a drink, (1/4-1/2 tsp daily), such as:
For those teenagers, you can simply increase the HMF powder, or try a capsule fit for teens and adults alike! (1 capsule daily!)
Arm yourself NOW to avoid those winter illnesses!

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