Naturopathic Services
Dr. Tricia Pingel, NMD provides comprehensive medical care based on the foundation of the naturopathic principles. She embraces patient education, and is committed to assisting her patients achieve their optimum health using natural modalities and, when appropriate, conventional therapies in order to provide the most individualized care to her patients.With a strong focus in family medicine, she treats all members of the family, meeting each and everyone at their own level to better assist them in reaching their health goals.She believes in a multi-dimensional and integrative approach to healthcare and will work closely with other healthcare professionals to assure that her patients needs are met. Whether you are in need of well visits or are combating a chronic disease, Dr. Pingel can be a part of your journey to wellness. visit http://www.drpingel.com for more information. To request more information, you can email info@drpingel.com.

Dr. Pingel offers a variety of services and treats a wide range of medical conditions:

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

An area of specialty for Dr. Pingel, BHRT has become a very popular choice of therapy for both women and men. Symptoms of hormone deficiency include headaches, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, foggy mind, chronic muscle injury, irritability and loss of libido. Dr. Pingel only uses Bio-Identical hormone formulations, minimizing your risk of side effects.

From Well Visits to acute and chronic illness, Dr. Pingel can assist parents and children in preventative illness. She has an extreme love for children and feels blessed to be a part of their wellness. A parent herself, she has the background both professionally and personally to assist parents in maintaining their childs health. Some areas specifically addressed in the pediatric population are ADHD, Autism, Nutrition, Obesity, Chronic Ear Infections, Abdominal Complaints, Well Baby/Newborn exams, New parent education, and more!
Cardiovascular Disease

Many cardiovascular diseases can be treated and prevented with Naturopathic medicine. Some of the areas of focus are, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart palpitations, arrhythmias, lipid (cholesterol) disease, varicose veins, stroke, heart attack, and more. By embarking on a natural route, many times this can result in reduction in pharmaceutical medications.

Seasonal allergies are a common concern for most patients. By approaching the symptoms with a “body wide” approach to pinpoint the cause of inflammation, seasonal allergies symptoms can be reduced. Dr. Pingel also offer food allergy testing, which is a root cause of many symptoms.
Nutrition Therapy

Dr. Pingel has extensive knowledge in nutritive therapy and can address your nutrition needs by education, supplementation and intravenous therapy.

Infertility is a symptom, not a disease. Dr. Pingel finds the cause of this infertility and treats it naturopathically. Many times, infertility is cause by a simple hormone imbalance that is easily corrected with supplements and herbs. It avoids the need for pharmaceuticals that can result in severe side effects.
Digestive concerns

Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, malabsorption, heartburn, chronic stomach pain are common symptoms experienced by patients and often easily remedied by naturopathic means. Dr. Pingel is very familiar with these conditions and has a variety of natural options available to address these concerns.
Acne and other skin conditions

Dr. Pingel treats mild to moderate acne, eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and more.

Dr. Pingel treats fatigue using various methods depending on the symptoms. Contact Dr. Pingel for more individualized information.
Thyroid Conditions

Dr. Pingel possesses natural options for treatment of high or low thyroid conditions. When assessing for thyroid abnormalities, it is imperative to evaluate all of the thyroid function, rather than simply one lab value. Symptoms of low thyroid include; fatigue, dry skin, weight gain. Symptoms of high thyroid include; heart palpitations, anxiety, weight loss.
Adrenal Fatigue

As a result of stress, the adrenal glands find themselves overworked, resulting in a variety of symptoms such as recurrent colds and flus, extreme fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight loss or gain. There are a variety of natural options to get your adrenal glands back to functioning optimally.

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  1. Hello, how can I get a copy of your book in Australia? Or access to any presentations you have done on adrenals and fatigue and hormones…. many thanks, Lynda

    • We are currently reformatting the website (drpingel.com), so there will be more educational content, videos etc. Stand by – hope to have it up and running in full soon.
      At this point, books are sold only via the publisher – Rodale. Did you call them?
      Thanks for your support.

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